About Us

At Sumter Gardens

Our commitment to quality starts from the ground up. From custom soil, to high quality containers, to adequate and appropriate watering — everything we do at Sumter Gardens is carefully designed to give you the highest quality trees possible.


Custom Soil

    Our commitment to the highest standards starts at the beginning. At Sumter Gardens, we use only custom-mixed soil, leaving nothing to chance. Our unique peat mix has been formulated to meet our exacting specifications in order to ensure proper pH levels, as well as proper drainage and aeration of root systems.


      To ensure maximum control over growing conditions and to minimize the stress that comes with ground transfers, all of our trees are container-grown. No exceptions. We use only premium, heavy-stock containers to minimize root damage or soil loss during shipping.

      Early Staking

        Our trees are staked at an early age and often staked again to ensure straight trunks and to enhance the uniformity and natural beauty of our stock.


          Professional tree farmers know that consistent application of pH-controlled water is the best way — the only way — to reduce stress and ensure the healthiest trees. Using the industry’s best hydro-management practices, we monitor soil moisture daily and adjust the amount of water each plant receives accordingly.

          Professional Pruning

            Using exacting standards, every one of our trees is professionally pruned to maximize the uniformity of our stock and the health of our trees. In fact, all of our trees are pruned to meet Florida grades and standards for #1 trees. And of course, proper pruning brings out the natural beauty of our trees.

            Fantastic Weather Conditions

              Sumter Gardens is located in the heart of sunny Florida. Mild weather and year-round sunshine are your assurances that the harmful effects of extreme cold weather have not damaged our trees.